by | Feb 8, 2023

Landing on your doorsteps very soon, the Simmental annual Review is now out! Packed with all things British Simmental, this year’s issue is 204 pages in all and with a mixture of pedigree and commercial features; a round-up of the sales; a review and reports from the major summer and winter shows; a technical section; regional reports; general news; and the usual information pages. It was a high performing year for the breed and the Review reflects on a strong Simmental sale demand with a flurry of record averages across sale centres, and along with a surge in pedigree registrations. Copies to members, the agricultural press, colleges and universities, retailers and processors, and a list of industry influencers are being posted out on Monday, and with a link to the electronic version on Issuu being made available at the at the same time. If you would like to request a copy then please email: