The SYMA is the forum for young members to develop their interest and knowledge in all things Simmental and cattle breeding generally.   Hugely important it is a foundation for the development of young Simmental members and the improvement of the Simmental breed in the future.

Simmental Young members can be found in all the affiliated Clubs around the United Kingdom and we’re keen to grow SYMA membership and activity.  Collectively, with support from the SYMA office holders, and the British Simmental Cattle Society, events are organised at both local and national level and can typically include:

  • National and regional SYMA stockjudging
  • Exchange visits and trips
  • Courses in cattle preparation, feeding, halter training, clipping, showing cattle and general stock knowledge
  • Herd visits and open days
  • Technical days and online courses on cattle breeding, genetics, EBVS & genomics
  • Marketing of Simmental cattle and use of online forums for breed promotion 
  • SYMA Social events

The Simmental Young Members Association is a fantastic forum for you learn more about cattle and the livestock industry generally.  It’s a lot of fun, educational, and a great opportunity to meet and mix with people who share a common interest in British Simmental, one of the UK’s leading beef breeds.

Want to join the SYMA and help us grow the organisation?  Then please contact us at or on 02476 696513