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by | Feb 8, 2024

It has been a variable and challenging year for all our members, and we have seen a change round on the committee. Mark Sallis and David Savins stepped down from their roles as Chairman and Vice Chairman, which has been taken on by Josh Evans and me. We have amalgamated the secretary and treasurer’s role, which Clare Price will continue with. John Fellowes has been the treasurer for many years and has done a sterling job of keeping the finances in order and offering priceless advice and wisdom, whilst serving on the committee. All the club members would like to thank them all for their efforts for the Centre West Club.
Chairman – Richard Price
Vice Chairman – Josh Evans
Treasurer / Secretary – Clare Price

In 2023, we have organised a number of events which include a club meeting, farm walk, annual herd competition and a post Christmas dinner. The club met at the Halford Inn in Warwickshire to discuss options and ideas for the future of the club. Like a number of societies and organisations, attracting new members is a challenge, but we have managed to bring in some fresh faces this year. With Josh Evans as Vice-Chairperson, we hope to be able to attract a number of his fellow young farmers, which is an organisation that he has been heavily involved with. A number of actions were agreed, and we aim to build on these over the next twelve months. We welcome our new members which will help us move forward positively.

Visit to Daylesford Organics

On the 20th of October we visited Daylesford Organics courtesy of Lord and Lady Bamford. The Farms Director Richard Smith gave us an in-depth tour and overview of this incredible business. We were also extremely fortunate to see behind the scenes of how the business works and what they are aiming to achieve over the coming years.

Visit to Daylesford Organics

Our herd competition was judged by Mr Chris Williams of Clinwill. A keen Hereford breeder for many years, with a wealth of knowledge of livestock and herd health. Chris visited the seven herds that had entered all categories, which he said would not be easy! His observations were regarding the passion and dedication to the Simmental breed and how he was impressed with the innovative ideas that people were exploring to create profitability for the long term.

Chris Willams speaking after the meal and highlighting the necessity of the basics of nutrition and knowing your herd health status.

Herd Competition Results

Clare Price winning Small Herd with Whalegreen Simmentals

Small Herd
1st Clare Price ‘Whalegreen Simmentals’
2nd David Bush ‘Chapman‘
3rd Jenny Lewis ‘Biddlesden‘ and Judith Cockerill ‘Farnborough’

Richard Bowley winning Large Herd with Bowley Simmentals

Large Herd
1st C.M. Mercer ‘Bowley’
2nd James Shouler ‘Alchester’
3rd C.H. Evans and Son ‘Wroxall’

Best Cow Family
‘Wroxall’ C.H.Evans and Son

Best Stock Bull
‘Farnborough’ Judith Cockerill

Best Group of Maiden Heifers
‘Bowley’ C.M. Mercer

Best Group of In-Calf Heifers
‘Alchester’ James Shouler

Best calf at foot Born 2023
‘Bowley’ C.M. Mercer

Judges Special Award
‘Wroxall’ For the family’s vision within the new regime of their business. Overseas sales and a general drive and ambition to move the breed forward.

The Centre West Club has a number of ideas for the membership for 2024 and we look forward to catching up soon!

Report written by David Price