Scottish Simmental Club Annual Show and Sale of Commercial Simmental Females

by | May 7, 2012


The Scottish Club held its Annual Show of Commercial females at United Auctions, Stirling Mart on 7th May 2012.

Simmental heifers were clearly in demand for their excellent Maternal ability, with the First prize pen of four heifers over 15 months from Clive Houldey, Kirtleton, selling for £1400 with bulling heifers selling to £1700 for the second prize pen of four from Messrs Dyet, East Merkland.

Champion Simmental x heifer with a Simmental calf at foot sold for £2350, from Hector Macaskill who also won the best pen of four heifer sunder 15 months old selling for £1300.

Hector Macaskill receives his prize for best SimmentalX heifer with calf at foot from Hilary Bennie of Sponsors Carrs Billington and Tom Henderson, Club Chairman

Results of Show, kindly sponsored by Carrs Billington Ltd.

Pen of 4 Simmental x bulling heifers, under 15 months.
1st Mr MacAskill, Woodhall – £1300
Mr Short, Balquhadly – £960

Pen of 4 Simmental x bulling heifers, over 15 months
1st Mr Houldey, Kirtleton – £1400
2nd Mr Dyet, East Merkland – £1700

Simmental x Heifer and Calf
1st Mr McAskill, Woodhall -£2350
2nd Mr Gillon, Arnbathie – £2150

Clive and Harry Houldey receiving their prize for best pen of four heifers from Hilary Bennie & Tom Henderson.