by | Oct 5, 2021


At Thainstone on 1st October, Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 989 store cattle. Bullocks (446) averaged 235p and sold to 272.7p per kg and £1,465 gross for a 666kg Simmental cross from Appieteen, Sandwick. On the same day, a sale of 162 store cattle on behalf of Orkney consignors saw bullocks sold to a top of £1,465 gross for a 666kg Simmental from J C & C J Sinclair, Appieteen, Sandwick and 268.2p per kg for a pair of 410kg Simmental from P & E Budge, Burn, South Ronaldsay.
At Hallworthy’s Store Sale on 30th September, Ant Hart stole the show in the younger cattle with a super pair of purebred Sim Steers at 11 months to £1130. In the sale of stirks on the same day, Simmentals topped the heifers at £640.
In the primestock sale at Dumfries on 29th September, Simmental x Heifers featured in the leading prices when selling to 238p/kg Low Three Mark to W Lindsay, Butchers Creetown.
Younger 18- 20mth steers were topped by a 18mth Simmental from Messrs BG & DM Ley of Langtree realise £1310 at Holsworthy Store Sale on 29th September.
At Frome’s primestock sale on 29th September, two big framed Simmentals from Waddon Farm Ltd sold well to 206.50p/kg and 203.50p/kg or £1406 (the top gross price) and £1309.
Meanwhile at Market Drayton on 29th September, stock bulls again met a lot of interest with a Simmental (13 months), from John Gosmore, selling for £3,100 and another Simmental (17 months) for £2,080. In the sale of store cattle on the same day Simmentals again featured strongly. Simmental steers sold to £1,220.00, at 586kg, from JRG Boffey & Ptns. R Foxley & Sons had 468kgs steers at £1,050.00, with Mr DJ Colclough having 498k Simmentals at £1,010.00. JRG Boffey & Ptns also had 559kgs Simmental heifers at £1180.
Topping out the heifers at Truro store cattle sale on 29th September included a single Simmental x from Mr K Thomas of Wendron, Helston, selling for £1,060. One and a half year old Simmental x steers sold to £1,130 for Mr S Backway of St Eval, Wadebridge. One and a half year old heifers were also led by Simmentals at £1060 and again from Mr K Thomas of Wendron, Helston. Strong suckled calf prices for steers up to seven months old included Simmental x to £750 for Messrs L J Richards & Son of St Day, Redruth. Topping the eight to twelve month old steers was Simmental x to £800 for Messrs R A F & R M Roberts of Gweek, Helston. Heifers eight to twelve months old were led by Simmental x to £590 for Mr K Thomas for Wendron, Helston.
At the Hexham primestock sale on 28th September, the highest ppkg cow was a well fleshed Simmental x cow from Mr R M Johnston, High Fotherley selling to 163.5 ppkg
At Quoybrae on 27th September, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 714 store cattle. Heifers (301) averaged 238.8p (+ 20.6p) to 273.9p for a pen of 387kg Simmentals from Lower Milton, Wick.
At the sale of primestock held at Borderway Mart, Carlisle on 27th September, the prime bulls top prices featured Simmentals to £1838.27 from Messrs Gwynne, Castlewigg, Newton Stewart and purchased by A & D Meats, Rossendale. In the steers, Simmental crosses sold to £1821.51 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by W E Fairlies, Letham

In the sale of barren cows, bulls, and over age clean cattle at Market Drayton on 27th September, the top price bull was the £1,478.40 for a Simmental weighing 1,056kgs from G. &G.E. Reade, Knutsford. In the clean cattle, the top price was 213p for a Simmental steer weighing 574kgs to gross £1,222.62 for W.S. & P.B. Bartram, Stowe-By-Chartley.

Simmentals featured in the top prices at Sedgemoor’s Store Cattle Sale on Saturday 25th September. A big frame Simmental steer led at £1540 from ME Sampson & Son, Upottery, who sold others at £1405 and £1400. Further framed Simmental steers sold to £1395 from The Victorian Barn, Wolland and £1315 for SF & KL Evans, Backwell.
The sale of calves, OTM and store cattle on Friday 24th September 2021 at Lancaster saw CD&HL Mason’s Simmentals top the steer stirks at £830

At Exeter’s sale of stirks and suckled calves on 24th September, Miles and Helen Partridge of Poundsgate topped the sale with Simmental steers (6m) reaching £810. A small show of stirk bulls met keen demand topping at £710 for May Priorton Ltd with Simmental crosses (7m).

At Brecon Market’s store cattle sale on 24th September, Simmental cross heifers from DG Davies, featured in the top gross prices at £1525.
At H&H’s sale of store cattle at St Boswells on 23rd September, heifers per kilo sold to 216p for Simmentals from South Common. At the same sale Simmental bullocks from South Common sold to 222.2p per kilo.
In a sale of 390 calves at Market Drayton on 23rd September, Simmentals led the breed averages for both bulls and heifers. Simmental bulls averaged £145.88. Simmental heifers averaged £119.63.
At Shrewsbury’s store cattle sale on 23rd September, bullocks premiums to 257.5ppk for Simmental Steers from R & EM Lightfoot. A wonderful even run of Simmental bullocks on offer from Messrs Albrighton Estate topped at £1350 (600kg) for a 17mo steer. Dairy Bred Simmental Bullocks peaked at £1290 (620Kg) for P & CE Davies of the Crest
At Hallworthy’s Store Cattle Sale on 23rd September, the older cows and calves saw a top of £1130 for a Simmental x Cow and Hereford Bull Calf for the Jasper Family.
In a sale of cull cows at Frome on 22nd September, a tremendous run of Simmentals from S & H Webb really caused a stir selling to 157.50p/kg, 156.50p/kg or 143.50p/kg or £1392 (the top gross price), £1357 and £1269.
At Kilrea Market, N Ireland, on 22nd September, Sim cross heifers (10) sold to a top price of 410 kg £1400 and 430kg £1380 (£3.21 to £3.41/kg ) for a Coleraine producer (pictured).

On 22nd September at Dingwall, Dingwall and Highland Marts sold 627 store cattle. Continental bullocks averaged 233.1p (up 14.0p on the year) and sold to 275.9p per kg for a 270kg Simmental cross from Isle of Muck Farms and £1,160 gross for a 555kg Simmental cross from 34 Newmarket, Laxdale. Continental heifers averaged 221.2p (up 3.8p on the year) and sold to 242.2p per kg for a pen of 225kg Simmental crosses from Isle of Muck Farms.
On Wednesday 22nd September Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly calf sale at Carlisle with an entry of 340 presented to a larger ringside of buyers. All classes of calves were extremely well bid for resulting in an increased trade throughout. Simmental bulls sold to £550 for Haregills Cottage.
At the sale of store cattle at Lanark Market on 21st September, bullocks reached a top of £1380 for two 654kg Simmentals from Ryeflatt, or to 253.7p/kg for a pen of five 339kg Simmentals from Logan, to average 214.5p.
In the sale of primestock at Borderway Mart, Carlisle on 20th September, the prime bulls saw Simmentals feature and sell to £1747.64 from Messrs Goldie, Newbie Mains, Annan
Aberdeen and Northern Marts on Friday 17th September 2021 sold 1,108 Store Cattle, Young Bulls and Young and Weaned Calves. Heifers (288) averaged 228.4p and sold to 279.7p per kg for a pair of 404kg Simmental crosses from South Flaws, St Margarets Hope and £1,430 gross. Heifers up to 350kg were led by Mosside of Gight with a Sim at £720 and another from Raefin at £700. Heifers at 401-450kg were topped by South Flaws with a Sim at £1,130. Heifers at 451-500kg saw Thistleyhillock top with a Sim at £1,290. Bullocks up to 350kg sold to £850 for a Sim from Raefin. Bullocks between 401- 450kg sold to £1075 for a Sim from Howally. Bullocks between 551-600kg sold to £1335 for a Sim from Hindatoon Farm. On the same day, a sale of 381 store cattle on behalf of Orkney consignors saw heifers sold to 279.7p for a pair of 404kg Simmentals from DR & JL Duncan, South Flaws, South Ronaldsay.
In a sale of rearing calves and stirks at Penrith on 17th September a pair of younger Simmental bull stirks, 4 to 5-months-old featured in the leading prices when they achieved £510 per head from Messrs G & EA Harrison, Mount Clifton, purchased by Mr I Prudham.
Lancaster had an offering of 280 store cattle forward on 17th September. Simmental bullocks from T&M Halhead, Priest Hutton featured in the top prices selling to £1420.