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In what is a massive endorsement of British Simmental’s commercial abilities, recent data from AHDB’s National Beef Evaluations has confirmed that on average, calves by a Simmental sire finish 36 days earlier than those by continental sires and 46 days earlier than calves by native sires; Simmental sired calves can cost £72 less to finish; and that fast finishing equates to 5.4kg less CO2 equivalents. The data also highlights the advantages of Simmental females with continental sired calves out of Simmental dams finishing 29 days earlier than the average of all suckler dams! The Simmental breeds benchmark remains their milk, fertility, calving ease, and abilities to rear a fast-growing calf without creep feeding. It’s a package of efficiency and economics and commercial producers are recognising that Simmental genetics gives you more.

See here the latest bumper set of sales and sections topped by Simmental cattle in October:
Caledonian Marts Ltd, Stirling, had forward 413 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale on 30th October. Bullocks averaged 279ppkg selling to 384ppkg for a pen of Simmentals from R Kenny, Robertsonlane. Heifers averaged 243ppkg selling to 318ppkg for a pen of Simmentals again from Robertsonlane.

In a sale of prime cattle at Exeter on 30th October, prime steers realised to £1595 (666kg x 240ppk) for a Simmental from Graham Tancock in from Broadclyst whilst further Simmental bullocks were close when making £1582 (610kg x 260ppk) for Michael Tooze of Brixham.

At Rugby Farmers Mart’s weekly sale on 30th October, top price in the steers went to PC & RA Nichols & Son for a Simmental at £2195.

In a sale of 655 rearing calves at Market Drayton on 30th October, Simmentals topped the all-breeds average for bull calves when levelling out at £363.

United Auctions Stirling sold 456 beef breeding cattle on 28th October. Leading the bulling heifers was SimxLuings from Allanton at £2400, and £2050. Cows with bull calves at foot reached £1950 for a Sim from Briarlands, with cows with heifer calves at foot reaching £2700 for a Sim from Lochlane.

At Tiree, United Auctions sold 715 suckled calves and store cattle and 68 breeding cattle on 28th October. Heifers sold to £1300 and including a pen of three 597kg Simmentals from D A Macarthur, Middleton to average £803.59 (+£104.45).

At Lerwick, Shetland Livestock Marketing Group in conjunction with Aberdeen and Northern Marts on 27th of October 2022 sold 492 Weaned Calves, Store Catle, Breeding and Cast Cows at their Annual Special Sale. “The biggest entry of cattle through the marts in many years seen 492 sell to levels not witnessed in Shetland before. Cast cows sold to a top of £1780 for a 938kg Simmental from Messrs Nicholson, Gilbraes.

On 27th October at Thainstone, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 1,001 Store Cattle, Young Bulls and Weaned Calves. Top gross of the day went to the Stronach family Berryleys for a pen of 3 Simmental heifers scaling 614kg which fetched £2,020 followed by £2,000 twice for a pen of 4 Simmentals weighing 664kg and another pair of Simmentals scaling 624kg all consigned from Berryleys. Bulls sold to 287.9p per kg for a 396kg Simmental cross from South Auquhorthies, Oldmeldrum and £1,600 gross for a pair of 636kg Simmentals from Drumsleed, Fordoun.

In a sale of 360 weanlings at Ballymena on 27th October, heifers sold to £1210 for a 400kg Sim offered by P McConnell, Ligoniel.
Lancaster’s sale of calves and weanlings on 27th October, saw Simmental crosses from FP&G Slater sold at £570 to top the steer calves.

In a small sale of prime cattle at Aberdeen & Northern Marts Thainstone on 26th October, Under 30 Month – Prime Bullocks sold to £1911 gross for a 780kg Simmental cross from Turfhillock, Drummuir. Prime Heifers sold to £1855.65 gross for a 695kg Simmental cross from Tewel Farm, Stonehaven. On the same day a sale of feeding bullocks averaged £1710 and sold to £2130 for a 1030kg Simmental cross from Longmuir, Mintlaw Station.

At Longtown market on 26th October, a much larger show of cast cows was forward, with 70% of the sale consisting of hill cows. The sale topped at £1,260 for a Simmental from JA & E Dinwoodie, Archerbeck, Canonbie.

In a sale of cast cattle at Gisburn on 26th October, beef bred cows saw highs of 193ppk for a Simmental from Ian & Rachel Pratt, Hebden bridge.

Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 501 Head of Adult Breeding Cattle at Thainstone on 25th October at their Annual show & sale of spring calving heifers sponsored by Agrimin and judged by Stephen & Raymond Martyn, Wester Bleaton. Champion pair or pen of three heifers went to a pair of Simmental Crosses from Gordon Dow, Upper Sauchen selling for £2900. Cow with Bull Calf at foot sold to £1880 for a Simmental Cross from North Chapelhouse, Old Meldrum.

On 25th October Harrison and Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of 560 store cattle at Carlisle. Heifers sold to £1860 for a Simmental x from Messrs Robinson, Rowell, Milnthorpe.

The third prize sale of suckled calves held at Truro on 25th October saw a tremendous trade. Heifers aged 8-12 months were topped at £880 by Simmental x’s from K Thomas, Helston.

At Oban on 24th October, United Auctions sold 201 breeding type Heifer Calves & 139 Adult Breeding Cattle. Heifers sold to £1100 for a pair of SimX from Ardencaple Farms, Clachan Seil to average £688.67 (+£38.73). In the Breeding section, in calf heifers sold to £2300 for SimX from Iris MacColl, Mid Farm.

In a sale of store cattle at Holmfirth on 24th October, the top price steer was a Simmental at £1145 from RD Newman sold to JB Eastwood & Sons.

On Tuesday 24th October at Brockholes Arms sale of store cattle, the heifer trade peaked at £1380 for Simmentals from J Aspinall & Son at eighteen months old.

A quality entry for Hallworthy’s second catalogued Suckled Calf sale on 24th October, saw over 500 passing through the ring and what a trade! Steer Calves topped at a grand £1250 for some outstanding Simmentals in from Jim Buckland of St Buryan who sold more to £1130.

In a sale of prime cows, stock bulls, and OTM cattle at Melton Mowbray on 24th October, a massive yarding of cows and OTM saw Simmentals lead the way and to 254.5p/kg from CJG Clarke.

On 23rd October, Lawrie and Symington Ltd, at Lanark market, had forward 232 cattle comprising of 52 bullocks and heifers, 121 cast cows and 59 calves and stirks. Beef cows sold to £1610 for a Simmental from Messrs Wainwright, Todhall Farm, Cupar.

At Quoybrae on 23rd October, Aberdeen & Northern Marts had a sale of weaned calves & store cattle, and Breeding Cattle. Store bullocks sold to £1,390 gross for a 484kg Simmental cross from Cruithni. Store heifers sold to 283.8p for a 458kg Simmental Cross and £1,480 gross for a 523kg Simmental cross from Cruthni, Tofts.

In a sale of 666 rearing calves at Market Drayton on 23rd October, Simmentals led the averages for heifers levelling out at £205.36.
At Bentham markets suckled calf sale on 20th October, Fishwick Farms once again produced a wonderful run of mainly Simmental steers which were very well followed, topping at £1140 with bulls to £1200 with an overall average of £1068 achieved (+£197 on the year), and to feature in the top end prices.

Exeter’s sale of 792 store cattle, suckled calves, and stirks on 19th October saw Simmentals top both the bullocks and the heifers in the sale of 500 stores. Steers topped at £1590 given for a pen of four well grown Simmentals from John and Emily Northam of Wellington. The heifer section saw the Shervington family, Hittisleigh back and selling their outstanding Simmental cattle with heifers (26m) realising £1480 and £1420 with others (22m) making £1360 for John and Emily Northam.

On 19th October, United Auctions, Huntly sold 301 store cattle and OTM’S. Top gross in the bullocks was £1770 for a 725kg SimX from The Knowes, Deskford. Heifers sold to average 274.8p per kg selling to a top of 339.5p per kg for a pair of 542kg SimX’s from Law Farm, Insch. Top gross being £1840 for the same animals.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 609 Store Cattle at their sale in Ayr on 19th October. Top Price of the day was 320p for a pen of Simmental bullocks off Howcommon.

In a sale of calves at Oswestry on 19th October, Simmental bulls topped when selling to £320 & £305 from J R James & Son, Church Farm.

On 18th October, United Auctions, Stirling sold 876 store cattle & young bulls. Young bulls topped at £1040 for a Simmental from Glenkiln. 102 rearing cattle were forward at an additional sale on the same day. The sale topped at £825 for a SimX bullock from M/s Galbraith, Polliwilline – Campbeltown. Other leading stirk prices were £815×3 for Simms from Blair Castle Est.

On 18th October at Frome and a sale of cull cows, the top price was 173.00ppkg for an 800kg Simmental from CSA Holdings, Trowbridge.

At Lochmaddy on 17th October, Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd sold 140 store, breeding and OTM cattle. Heifers averaged 268.4 per kg and sold to 320.0p per kg and £960 gross for a pair of Simmental Crosses from Druim Torrach Croft. OTM Cattle (11) averaged 126.5p per kg and sold to 150.0p per kg and £1,260 gross for a Simmental Cross Cow from Clachan Farm, Lochmaddy.
C&D Auction Marts held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on 16th October. Heifers to £1460 for Simmentals from Torwoodlee and Buckholm Estates.

At Rugby Farmers Mart on 16th October the trade for cows was led by CH Evans & Son with a Simmental at £1771. A further Simmental from the same home made £1658.

In a sale of 653 rearing calves at Market Drayton, Simmentals led the averages in both the bull calf and heifer calf sections. Simmental bull calves averaged £249.37, with Simmental heifer calves averaging £250.67.

Darlington Farmers Auction Mart held their weekly sale of cast cattle, store and breeding stock on Monday 16th October 2023. Forward were 382 cattle. Top per kilo of the week was a super Simmental OTM heifer from C Parker, Newsham Grange which reached 236ppk.

In a sale of barren cows on 16th October at Sedgemoor, a cracking red and white climbed to a sale top of £1,356.60 for R Bigwood.

Within Bakewell Market’s weekly sale on 16th October, an offering of 32 breeding cattle was topped by a 16-month-old Simmental bull from Storersmith Simmentals at £1800.

At Sedgemoor’s sale of 405 non-export calves on 14th October, congratulations to KP Silverthorne & Partners, who picked up the first Mastergen Synetics prize for the top price continental bull calf at £425, for a 1m Simmental. Other strong Simmentals to £380 and £328 from P Frost.

On 13th October, United Auctions, Dalmally, United Auctions held their Annual Show & Sale of Suckled Calves at Dalmally. 1059 calves were sold. Heifers sold to 373.2p/kg for a pen of 3 Simmentals from G Bannerman, Old Manse, Balmaha to average 275.7p/kg (+35.82p).

At Lancaster Auction Marts Sale of Calves, OTM and Store Cattle on 13th October, Beef cows sold to 199.5p/kg on two occasions including a Simmental x from T&M Halhead, Priest Hutton. For a further entry of predominantly feeding type cows, top gross was a Simmental x also from T&M Halhead achieving £1442.

Aberdeen & Northern Marts held a sale for a total of 150 Store Cattle forward from Orkney Consignors on 13th October at Thainstone. Heifers Sold to a top of 340.6p per kg for a 458kg Simmental from J W S Logie & Co, Lochend, Westray. Spring Born Bullock Calves Sold to £1,250 gross and 334.2p per kg for a pair of 374kg Simmentals from Millburn Farms, Harray. Spring Born Heifer Calves Sold to £1,010 for 370kg Simmental from Millburn Farms.

Also on 13th October at Thainstone, Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 1110 store cattle, young bulls and young & weaned calves including a consignment of West Highland calves. Heifers (252) averaged 280.8p and sold to 340.6p per kg for a 458kg Simmental Cross from Lochend. Bulls sold to £1670 gross for a 640kg Simmental Cross from Ferniebrae, Lonmay.

At Frome’s store cattle sale on 13th October. RC & LJ Rann, IOW, sold their forward Simmental steers to £1535 (25mo) and £1485 to £1522 (all 20mo). Other well-presented Simmental steers equally dear selling at £1525 (20mo) from GW & M Pike & Son of Swanage. Quality non FABBL Simmental steers met a massive trade to £1400 (27mo) from Phil Stevens of Shepton Mallet.

United Auctions, Stirling sold 2035 store cattle & young bulls on 11th October. Heifers (811) sold to £1840 for a 524kg SIMX from Tinnis. Young Bulls (83) sold to £1280 for a SIMX from Kirkton of Mailler.

On 11th October AT Market Drayton, and a sale of 169 clean cattle and young bulls, steers were an absolute flyer and raced away to 310p (£1,882.80) for a Simmental from Mr Bob Yeomans, New Street Lane and who had further Simms to 296p (£1,793.76).

At Dungannon Farmers Mart on 11th October heifers topped at £1910 720kg Sim (266.00), presented by R Carson. Fat Cows sold to a height of £1340 for 795kg Sim presented by M Patterson.

In a sale of cull cows, heifers, and bulls on 11th October at Brockholes Arms Auction Mart, a consignment of Simmentals lead the way from M Noblet with cows peaking at and OTM heifers selling to 210p/kg.

At Truro’s sale of over 350 store cattle and suckled calves on 11th October, steers topped at £1590 for a very smart trio of 19-month-old Simmentals on behalf of Messrs ID & SS Backway of St Eval, Wadebridge. The same vendor also had the top price of £1390 for a Simmental which topped the section of 18-month-old heifers. In the second prize sale of suckled calves, Heifers born after 1st March 2023 were topped by a Simmental from Messrs J & R J Nankervis of Zennor at £870. The same vendor topped the heifers up to seven-months-old with another Simmental x at £770, and in the steers up to seven-months-old took the second top price of £870.

Thirsk held a sale of 105 store heifers and 75 store steers on 10th October. Heifers sold to £1550 for a Simmental X from AJ & JM Appleby, Nether Silton.

In a sale of OTM/barren cows on 10th October at Llandovery, the trade was topped at £1440 for a 730kgs Sim X from TJ&EM Higgins, Penlan.

On Monday 9th October at Lanark, Lawrie and Symington Ltd had forward 155 cattle comprising of 45 bullocks and heifers, 110 cast cows and 29 calves and stirk. Beef cows sold to 236p/pk for a Sim from Messrs Orr, Lawhead Farm, Tarbrax.

At Bakewell on 9th October the offering of breeding cattle was topped by a 14-months-old Simmental bull at £1780 from Renshaw & Brassington, Church Broughton.

At H&H’s sale of prime cattle at Borderway Mart, Carlisle on 9th October, the Simmental trade was topped at £2028 for heifers from Newbie Mains. Messrs Sisson & Sons, Kelbarrow sold the top priced Simmental cow for 914kg, 199.5p, £1823 bought by Frank Smart.

In a sale of breeding cattle at Gisburn on 7th October, cows and calves topped at £2000 for a Simental cow and calf from Peter Howarth. On the same day, Simmental young bulls sold to a top of £1360 for E & M Fairhurst.

On 6th October at Thainstone, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 1248 Store Cattle, Young Bulls and Young and Weaned Calves. Heifers (335) averaged 283.4p and sold to 384.3p per kg for a 484kg Simmental from Myres, South Ronaldsay.

Aberdeen & Northern Marts at Thainstone on 6th October, sold a total of 255 Store Cattle forward from Orkney Consignors. Bullocks Sold to a top of £1,820 (twice) gross for a pair of 616kg Simmental and a 616kg AA from Hilton Farm, Balfour, Shapinsay and to 326.7p per kg for a Pair of Simmentals from P & A Kemp, Hunchaquoy, Swannay. Heifers Sold to a top of £1,860 gross and 384.2p per kg for a 484kg Simmental from A T Annal & Son, Myres, South Ronaldsay.

At Exeter’s sale of 533 store cattle and stirks on 6th October, grand Simmental steers (28m) from Cyril Emmett in from Aylesbeare headed that section when reaching £1650 for a pair whilst another couple (20m) of the same breed eased to £1550 apiece for Douglas Horton and Family of Kingsbridge and younger sorts (17m) from Jason Northcott of Saltash ran to £1440. In the sale of 103 stirks, and asuckled calves, Simmental cross steers (9m) from MA Stephens up from Plymouth topped at £870.

At Frome’s store cattle sale on 6th October, young heifers were topped at £1040 by 16-month-old Simmentals from PJ&PF Samways, Swanage. The same vendor sold 16-month-old Simmental steers to £1278.

In a sale of cast cows and bulls at Aberdeen & Northern Marts Thainstone on 5th October, beef finished Cows (88) averaged £1581.76 and sold to £2090 for a 986kg Simmental from Towiemore, Keith.

At the store cattle sale at Hallworthy on 5th October, ID & SS Backway sold an outstanding run of Simmental x Steers to £1640 to feature in the top prices. Their next four Steers by the Simmental to £1540, with another trio of Simmental x Steers away at £1485 all around the 16-17 months. G & M Williams took the honours in the heifer section with a superb Simmental x Heifer deep bodied and well fleshed to £1400.

At Dungannon Farmers Mart on 4th October, an excellent entry of quality calves saw male calves sell to a top of £1400 for a 375kg Sim (372.00) presented by D Litter.

Holsworthy’s sale of 370 store cattle on 4th October saw another terrific entry. Top call was £1440 for a 18mth single suckled Simmental steer from Mr RE Dennis of Bradworthy who sold three other single suckled Simmentals at £1340 and one at £1320.

At Thainstone, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 93 Head of Adult Breeding Cattle on 4th October. The annual show & sale of breeding cattle kindly sponsored by James Milne Chartered Accountants, was judged by Robbie & Jamie Adam, Ternemny Farm, Knock, who picked the Simmental Cross Heifer with an Autum born Limousin Heifer calf from E M Smith, Towiemore, Keith as Champion and which sold to £4000 too W J Jack & Sons, Woodend. The reserve champion went again to E M Smith, Towiemore for a Simmental Cross Heifer with an Autum born Limousin Bull calf which sold at £4050 too I D Stewart, Reisgill. The top price of the sale today was £4200 which also went to E M Smith, Towiemore for a Simmental Cross Heifer with an Autum born Limousin Bull calf which was also purchased by I D Stewart, Reisgill.

On 4th October, United Auctions, Stirling sold 1666 store cattle & young bulls. Young Bulls sold to £1750 for a SIMX from Dunolliebeg, and £1750 from Innerwick. OTM bulls sold to £2190 for a Sim from Fernie Mill.
At Melton Mowbray’s sale of stores and breeding cattle on 4th October, 14-month-old Simmental heifers from Emma Long led the store heifer trade when selling to £1385.

Wooler Mart held their annual Show & Sale of Store Cattle and Autumn born cattle, competing for The Bobby Robinson and The Spence Cowans Trophy, on 3rd October. Topping the day’s trading was Duncan J Ord, Chatton Park with a thumping Sim.x Steer at £1840.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 199 Calves and Stirks at their weekly sale on 3rd October at Ayr. Bullock stirks sold to a top of £1060 for a Simmental Cross off Messrs Miller, Baidlandhill. In-calf cows sold to a top of £1550 for a Simmental from Roddinghead.

On Monday 2nd October at Rugby Farmers Mart’s weekly sale, the trade for bulls was topped at £2290 for a 954kg Simmental from CH Evans & Son.

Within Bakewell Market’s weekly sale on 2nd October, the OTM bulls were led by a 4-year-old Simmental bull at £2380 from BD&JH Ponsonby, Tideswell Moor.