by | May 3, 2024

• Simmentals also top the bulling heifer trade at £2280
• Simmental bull to 5200gns

The demand and popularity for Simmental breeding females with commercial beef producers was very much highlighted at Aberdeen and Northern Marts sale of 424 head of adult breeding cattle at Thainstone on 1st May.

Simmental cross heifers sold to a top of £3,950, with others at £3,850, three at £3,750 four at £3,700, and with a tremendous depth in the day, a big number well over the £3000 mark. Simmentals also dominated the trade for bulling heifers to a top of £2280, and in a small sale of bulls a Simmental made 5200gns. Quite a day!

Commenting, Iain Kerr the British Simmental Cattle Society General Manager said: “There’s an ongoing and increasing demand for Simmental breeding females which is great to see. These Simmental heifers go on to make tremendous long lasting cows that are full of milk, cross with any breed, and produce easy fleshing quality calves that go on to weigh well. With an emphasis on added value, efficiency, and profitability, the Simmental female is really hitting the note with commercial breeders.”

In the Annual Show & Sale of Heifers with Calves at Foot sponsored by East Coast Viners and judged by Mr Colin Stuart, Belnoe, the Simmental Society award for the best sired Simmental Heifer and Calf went to The Gordon Family, Lost Farm, Strathdon with the first prize Simmental Heifer with Heifer Calf which sold for £3750 to the Judge. With a tremendous reputation for selling quality Simmental females this was a remarkable third year in a row, amidst a strong entry, that the Gordons have won this award.

A typical entry from the Gordon family, Lost Farm, Strathdon, pictured prior to the sale at Thainstone on Wednesday 1st May.

However the top Simmental price on the day was a terrific £3950 paid for a Simmental heifer with a Limousin bull calf at foot, from Ian Keith, Auchtygall, Peterhead.

Bulling Heifers met a fantastic demand selling to a top of £2280 for a pair of tremendous 19-month-old Simmental Heifers from A D Sutherland & Sons, Connachie, Kellas. Highlight Simmental prices and sale section leaders included:

Heifer with Bull Calf (93) sold to £3950 for a Simmental Cross with a Limousin Cross from Auchtygall, Peterhead.

Bulling Heifer (96) sold to £2280 for a Pair of Simmental Crosses from Connachie, Kellas.

Heifer with Bull Calf: SimX – Auchtygall £3850, £3750, £3700, £3650 ; Ardhuncart £3750, £3700, £3650; South Blachrie £3600, £3500, £3450; The Bungalow, New Noth £3550, £3450; Lost Farm £3500, £3350; Cranna £3500, £3350; West Cruichie £3250, £3050; Sim – Auchtygall £3550; South Blachrie £3450;

Heifer with Heifer Calf: SimX – Auchtygall £3950, £3900, £3700, £3400; Lost Farm £3750, £3400, £3350; Ardhuncart £3700, £3650, £3600, £3500; South Blachrie £3650, £3500, £3450; The Bungalow £3500, £3150; Cranna £3450, £3400, £3250; West Cruichie £3200; Pitcairn farm £3150;

Cow with Bull Calf: SimX – Auchanland Farm £3350, £3200, £3150; Fairburn £3050, £2500; Sim – Auchanland Farm £3200.

Bulling Heifers: Connachie SimX – £2280, £2220, £2200, £2180, £2150; Berryleys Sim – £2250, £2000; Brodieshill Farm SimX – £2220, £2200, £2050; Essil SimX – £2050, £1900; Culquhassen SimX – £1880, £1520.

Pedigree Bulls – Sim – Drumsleed 5200gns

Charles Gordon (left), Lost Farm, Strathdon, receiving the Champion Simmental award, for the third year in a row, from BSCS representative, Gary Wright, Lagavaich Simmentals.

Results from Show and Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle, Wednesday 1st May 2024, Sponsored by East Coast Viners
Judge – Colin Stuart Belnoe Glenlivet

Class 1 Simmental Sired Heifer with Male Calf
1st – Ardhuncart Farms Ardhuncart Kildrummy £3,500
2nd – I & M Keith Auchtygall Peterhead £3,950
3rd – Ardhuncart Farms Ardhuncart Kildrummy £3,650

Class 2 Simmental Sired Heifer with Female Calf
1st – C & G Gordon Lost Farm Strathdon £3,750
2nd – A Prentice The Bungalow New Noth Gartly £3,500
3rd – Ardhuncart Farms Ardhuncart Kildrummy £3,700

Champion Simmental Sired Heifer with calf at foot
C & G Gordon Lost Farm Strathdon £3,750