by | Apr 25, 2021

The British Simmental Cattle Society has announced an exciting new sale fixture to be held at Harrison & Hetherington’s Borderway Mart, Carlisle on 3rd December this year.

Titled as the Simmental ‘Next Generation’ Sale, the new fixture will be for all classes of pedigree Simmental females, and with a further section for pedigree Simmental Weaned Calves born in the 2021 year.  Held on one day, the fixture will see a show for the females, followed by the weaned calves with classes for bulls and heifers, and with the sale itself held thereafter. 

Announcing the launch of this new fixture, the British Simmental Cattle Society’s President, Stewart Stronach said that the timing was ‘just right’ for the breed to introduce a high-profile Society sale of pedigree females and with the new dynamic of a section of weaned calves.  Commenting he said:

“It is the aim that this fixture can quickly establish itself to be a showcase sale for the Simmental breed that provides the quality, performance and genetics for ‘next generation’ cornerstone cattle in herds across the UK.   The introduction of a weaned calf section for registered calves born in the year of the sale is an exciting inclusion and a new way for breeders to market calves with breeding, style and potential.  We hope that this sale will have something for everyone and will offer choice and opportunities for new and established pedigree breeders, and also for commercial producers.”

Harrison & Hetherington will host the sale at their Borderway Mart, Carlisle, a venue that has been chosen to be as accessible as possible for both buyers and sellers from around Great Britain and Northern Ireland.    

In further comments, Mr Stronach went on to say: “British Simmental is established as one of the most profitable breeds in the beef industry and has all the attributes to be a ‘go to mainstay’ of the commercial suckler herd across the UK.  In addition to its premier and well-established maternal qualities, we know that Simmental is the No.1 Continental Beef Breed for Age at Slaughter, and with its growth advantages can deliver a green beef product with increased profitability.  Commercial producers are recognising the versatility and natural efficiencies of the Simmental breed and this is driving pedigree sales and the strong returns we are seeing for Simmental influenced cattle in commercial rings.  It is a timely point to announce this exciting new fixture and to widen the reach and availability of British Simmental”.

The announcement of this new sale comes immediately prior to a run of fixtures upcoming in May 2021 that sees British Simmental Cattle Society Sales at Worcester, Stirling, and Carlisle.