by | Jun 21, 2022

See the latest market briefs here as Simmental bred cattle continue to top commercial sales in UK markets.

Gisburn’s store cattle sale on 18th June saw Simmental steers featuring in the top prices at £1660 for Simmental x from P Coates Farmer Ltd.

At Thainstone on 17th June, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sale of adult breeding cattle was dominated by Simmental entries at the top end of prices. Cow with Bull Calf (30) sold to £3,150 for a Simmental from Suttieside Farm, Forfar. Cow with Heifer Calf (22) sold to £2,800 for a Simmental cross from Suttieside Farm. In Calf Heifer (6) sold to £2,300 for a Simmental from Suttieside Farm.

On Friday 17th June, at Hexham & Northern Marts store cattle sale, 11-16 month old cattle (picture) were led by Simmental x steers at £1360 from Hartley West, with others from the same home at £1280, £1250 & £1200.

At Frome’s store cattle sale on 17th June, quality bred and reared Simmentals met a fast trade with steers selling to £1478 (only 22mo) from Anthony & Nigel Gallop, IOW. Fleckvieh steers also a highlight selling to £1350 (28mo) from Peter Gould & family.

Cull bulls sold to a top of 219.5p/kg and £1633 for a Simmental from E Rossall, Preesall at Lancaster Livestock Auction on 17th June.

At Aberdeen & Northern Marts sale on 16th June on behalf of Orkney consignors young bulls sold to £1,690 gross and 198.8p per kg for an 850kg Simmental from G W & E T Wilson, Howequoy, St Marys.
The store cattle sale at Hallworthy on 16th June saw Mrs P Maunder of Landrake sell a run of pure Simmental steers, non-assured topping at £1505 and a second bunch to £1300. Cows and calves topped out at £1280 for a Hereford Cow with Simmental Bull Calf

On Wednesday 15th June at Carlisle, Harrison & Hetherington had 975 cattle forward at their weekly sale comprising of 303 Store Cattle, 248 store bulls and weanlings. Featuring in the top prices, Simmental heifers from Rose Farm topped at £1700. In the bulls Simmentals sold to £1280 (x2) for Waterloo Farm.

On 15th June at Frome, lighter Simmental UTM steers sold to 226.50p/kg or 224.50p/kg from KF Romain, Midsomer Norton. Cull bulls sold well with Simmentals topping at 181.50p/kg from C Tucker, Devizes.

At Dungannon Farmer’s Mart on 15th June, store prices remained steady. Fat Cows sold to £950 for a 625kg Sim (152.00).

The sale of store cattle on 15th June at Market Drayton saw trade still marching forward at a pace. The breeding stock forward topped at £1,780 for a Simmental cow and Limousin calf from Mr Richard E. Hares, Burleydam.

At Truro Livestock Market’ store sale on 15th June, year old steer stores sold to £1020 for a smart Simmental x from Mr D G Hawkey of Crantock, Newquay.

At Hexham’s primestock sale on 14th June, the top grossing cow came from Mr R Maughan, Greencarts with a Simmental cross realising £1680.63

On Monday 13th June 2022 Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock at Carlisle. Beef cast cows saw an increased number of 318 cast cows and stock bulls on offer with a great ringside of buyers ensuring a great trade again. Brett Corcoran, Newton Stewart, sold the top priced Simmental cow for 970kg, 203.5ppk or £1973 to Messrs Roberts. Messrs Gwynne, Castlewigg Farm run of Simmental cows topped at 919kg, 213.5ppk or £1962 to Mr Michael Helliwell.

At Market Drayton’s sale on 13th June the trade for sucklers was led by Mr Bob Yeomans & Family, New Street Lane with Simmentals to 213p (£1,776.42).

United Auctions on Wednesday 8th June 2022 at Stirling sold 418 store & native bred cattle and young bulls, 228 breeding cattle & 169 out of spec cattle, cast cows and bulls. Young Bulls sold to £1680 for a SimX from Holehouse.

In the sale of cull cows at Truro Livestock Market on 8th June, beef cows sold to 194p/kg for a classy 769kg Simmental x from Mr D G Kitchen of Nancegollan, Helston, purchased by David King of Exeter.
At Skipton’s store cattle sale on 8th June, Simmentals led the breed averages for feeding bulls at £1250, with the sale average being £1186. Simmental prices included:£1450; £1200; £1190 RD Elliott; £1400; £1370; £1200 EB Webster; and £1290 A Rowley.

At Selby on 8th June, the trade for cows was led by a 764kg Sim cow at 245.5 from H Thompson

Melton Mowbray’s store and breeding cattle sale on 8th June the breeding section topped by Luke Massie with his Simmental x Cow and Hereford x Calf away to £1200, as LW Simons, Hose saw £1500 for his Simmental Stock Bull. In the stores, heifers from weekly supporter, GW Swales & Son topped at £1150 for Simmental x at 20 months, with more from the same home reaching £1100 and £1035. JW Peacock over with the Norfolk bus saw highs of £1125 for a whopping Simmental x Steer at only 12 months.

At Market Drayton’s store cattle sale on 8th June, yarding cattle were a dream to sell. Topping at £1,590 was a Simmental steer from Mr John Oakes, Hassall.

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their special June sale of breeding and store cattle on Tuesday 7th June 2022 at Longtown Market. A fantastic run of 50 Simmental and Limousin cross heifers consigned by Dalmahoy Farms, Dalmahoy, Midlothian, topped at £1,020 for a pen of Simmental x heifers with several further penful’s of cattle breaking over £1000+

On 6th June, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 108 Store Cattle, and 45 Breeding Cattle. Heifers averaged 221.7p per kg to 259p for 307kg Simmental crosses from Myrelandhorn (Miller).
On 6th June, Lawrie and Symington had forward 100 cattle comprising of 31 bullocks and heifers, 69 cast cows at Lanark Market. Simmental beef cows from Richard McCulloch, Overhill House sold to £2240, and £1920.

A good entry of 68 prime steers and heifers at Carlisle on Monday 6th June saw the days top overall price of £2161.17 for an 814kgs Simmental cross steer from Messrs Harrington, Hoskett Hill, Carlisle.
At United Auctions sale of store and breeding cattle at Dalmally on 4th June, breeding cattle sold to £1900 for a SimX heifer & bull calf from D Dempster, Barguillean Farm.

At Dingwall & Highland Marts sale of prime cattle on 4th June, prime heifers averaged 247.6p sold to 251.0p per kg and £1,681.70 gross for a 670kg Simmental cross both from The Cloy, Fortrose.
Aberdeen and Northern Marts on Friday 3rd June 2022 held a sale of adult breeding cattle. In-Calf heifers sold to £1,400 for a Simmental cross from Boghouse, Tarves. In Calf Cows sold to £1,500 for a Simmental cross from Millfield, Turriff.

At Thainstone on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June sold 24 cattle from Shetland consignors. Store cattle bullocks sold to £990 gross for a 392kg Simmental and 255.2p per kg for a pen of 286kg Simmentals from D G Flaws, Fleck, Dunrossness. Heifers sold to £880 gross for a 382kg Simmental and 244.4p per kg for a 356kg Simmental from S Ridland, Berga, Wester Skeld.

On June 2nd, Aberdeen & Northern Marts held a sale on behalf of Orkney consignors. Young Bulls Sold to £1,7901.55 gross and 207p per kg for a 865kg Simmental from Millburn Farms, Harray. Prime Cattle sold to £1,643.40 gross and 249p per kg for a 660kg Simmental Heifer from K D Eunson, Braebuster. On the same day at a sale of prime cattle, young bulls sold to 219p per kg and £1,790.55 gross for a 865kg Simmental from Millburn, Harray.

On Thursday 2nd June at Stirlings Caledonian Mart, prime bullocks sold to £1828 for a Simmental from J & J Brown, Loanrigg, Slamannan.

Hallworthy on 2nd June saw a super entry of 75 stirks penned for the Queens Jubilee bank holiday, with a trade fit for a Queen! Jimmy Paul of Newquay had a superb run of quality stirks and topped the market at £825 for a Simmental Steer (10m).

At Carlisle on Wednesday 1st June, Harrison & Hetherington had 1164 cattle forward at their weekly sale. A seasonal offering of 370 store cattle forward saw all classes being exceptionally dear. Strong cattle saw Messrs Stamper, Rose Farm, Dearham dominate at the top end selling Simmental heifers to £1900.

At Dungannon Farmer’s on 1st June, all sizes of stock continued to sell briskly with dropped calves sold to £430 for a Simm bull.

On 31st May at Lanark Market, Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 267 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale. 147 bullocks sold to a top of £1465 for a 590kg Simmental from Whitehill, or to 286.2p for a 276kg Simmental from Skipness Est, to average 244.1p/pkg.

Aberdeen and Northern Marts on Friday 27th May sold 652 Store Cattle, Young Bulls and Young and Weaned Calves. Bulls sold to £1,580 gross for a 698kg Simmental from Delfur Farms, Rothes.
On Friday 27TH May at Carlisle, Harrison and Hetherington held their monthly Beef Breeding sale at Borderway Mart. A great entry of 330 cows and heifers with calves at foot was on offer on Friday at Carlisle with the ring being full to the rafters. Messrs Barclay, South Road sold a Simmental cross cow and calf for £4000 to lead the cows and calves.

At Stirling on 25th May, United Auctions sold 528 store cattle, native bred cattle and young bulls and 133 out of spec cattle, cast cows and bulls. Bullocks (245) sold to £1440 for a 576kg SimX from Gladhouse Mains. Heifers (257) sold to £1700 for a 718kg SimX from Burnhead. Beef Cows and Bulls (101) averaged 184.23p to 227.60p per kg for a SimX from Lochlane. Out of Spec Cattle (8)- averaged 187.69p to 233.90p per kg for a SimX from Coxydene, and to £1530 for a SimX from Coxydene.

On 24th May Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 214 Head of Adult Breeding Cattle. Cows with bull calves sold to £1,880 for a Simmental cross with Charolais cross from Dallasbroughty, Dunphail. Cows with heifer calves sold to £1,820 for a Simmental with Simmental cross from Rhuarden, Croftronan.