by | Jul 30, 2021

Following the recent announcement we have been delighted with the response to the new Simmental ‘Next Generation’ Sale fixture due to be held on Friday 3rd December at Harrison & Hetherington’s Borderway Mart, Carlisle.

The new fixture will be for all classes of pedigree Simmental females, and with a further section for pedigree Simmental Weaned Calves born in the 2021 year. Held on one day, the fixture will see a show for the females, followed by the weaned calves with classes for bulls and heifers, and with the sale itself held thereafter.

With the sale little over six months away, we are very keen to outline the schedule in order to help you consider and take aim at what females and young calves you may wish to enter.

The schedule has been designed to be as inclusive as possible across both sections.  Come sale time we’ve changed things up a little to allow the weaned calves to be sold in herd consignments and with choices to sell them in pairs where you may choose to.

Entries will be open from Monday 14th June and by visiting the Simmental section within the H&H website at:  The closing date for entries is Monday 4th October.

This is an exciting new event for the Society to launch and we hope that it will become an annual fixture that will be a first-class sale platform and a terrific showcase for the breed.  As such we very much hope that you will consider supporting the inaugural Simmental ‘Next Generation’ Sale and from here the Society will continue to promote it at every opportunity.  Look out for further updates and announcements regarding the sale in due course through both newsletters and social media.

The provisional Simmental ‘Next Generation’ show and sale schedule is as follows:


Pedigree Simmental Cow, in calf

 Pedigree Simmental Cow, with calf at foot

 Pedigree Simmental Heifer, with calf at foot, and/or in-calf (aged not more than 36 months at calving. In-calf entries must be served or inseminated more than 12 weeks warranted, and due to calve before attaining the age of 36 months)

 Pedigree Simmental Heifer, born between 1.1.2020. and 30.6.2020. 

Pedigree Simmental Heifer, born between 1.7.2020. and 31.12.2020.  
All female entries will be sold in age order.

All females must be halter led.

All females will be subject to a crush inspection prior to the sale.


The sale will be open to bull and heifer calves born on or after 1st January 2021. 

 Pedigree Simmental Bull Calf, born in 2021. (Calves to be divided into appropriate sized classes for judging by age.)

Pedigree Simmental Heifer Calf, born in 2021.  (Calves to be divided into appropriate sized classes for judging by age.) 

Bull and heifer calves to be sold in separate sections.

Bull and heifer calves must be halter led to be shown.

Bull calves will be subject to a crush inspection for teeth and testicles.

Heifer calves will require an ID check only.

Calves will not be sold in age order but will be sold in vendors consignments of a maximum of six calves per consignment.  Calves may be sold in pairs (i.e. choice of pair).

 The consignments of weaned calves will be balloted prior to being catalogued and the sale order will be as per the catalogue.

The sale will be conducted in guineas with no upset price.


All entries in both the female, and weaned calf sections must be fully pedigree registered with the Society at close of entries.

All entries in both sections must be offered for sale.

All entries for both the females and weaned calf sections must be DNA sire verified.

All herds entering must be members of a CHECS approved herd health scheme.

In addition to the stipulations here, the general sale rules of the British Simmental Cattle Society will apply. 

At the close of entries the Society reserves the right to amend the classes and subject to the entries received.