Royal Cornwall Show 2023

by | Feb 26, 2024

Royal Cornwall Show welcomed Vikki Wood (Popes) to judge the British Simmental Section for 2023. Seven breeders battled with high winds and soaring temperatures bringing forward twenty- four exhibits for scrutiny.

Judge’s Comments

I will begin by congratulating all the competitors on turning out a great show of cattle predominantly exhibitor bred.

Bulls born on or between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021

Killiworgie Malteser

With no Senior bulls forward this was the first of my male classes. Steve and Gill Gummow’s September born Killiworgie Malteser, a son of Islavale Jerico was the only entry. Malteser is a well grown modern bull with plenty of natural fleshing.

Bulls born on or between 1 January 2022 and 31 March 2022

Tregnether Nemo

Steph Hooper and David Reeves presented two March born sons of Tregnether Jackpot, a home-bred son of Sterling Gino. Two well grown bulls and I felt that the solid coloured Tregnether Nemo just had the edge over his stable companion Tregnether Neptune on the day. Both bulls moved well, and Neptune sold to a commercial herd during the show.

Bull born on or after 1 April 2022

Sowenna Nemo

K, C & P Hawkey’s April born Sterling Gino’s son Sowenna Nemo was an easy winner over JM & A.W. Grose & Sons Trewarnevas Pedro a suckling six-month-old bull calf by Killiworgie Kaylup. Nemo caught my eye immediately a super classy young bull full of breed character on good feet and legs. Pedro the smaller of the two still very young and therefore overpowered by the first bull.

Male Champion and Reserve   

Sowenna Nemo

From three class winners Nemo was an easy pick for Male Champion a super young bull with a great future. Malteser the Senior bull a worthy Reserve.

Cow or Heifer born before 1 January 2020 in-calf or with a calf at foot.

Killiworgie Chrissies Izzes & Killiworgie Izzies Nelly

Here I had two animals forward. Killiworgie Chrissie’s Izzie a January 2017 daughter of Skerrington Desperado with a very smart Shacon Hannibal sired heifer calf at foot and the Grose’s 2019 Little Orchard Kaler 8K rearing a younger bull calf.

Both cows were in their working clothes. Izzie being my choice in this class. A lovely well-balanced cow doing a great job of her beautiful heifer calf. My second placed cow was just overpowered by the first but doing a great job, nevertheless.

Cow or heifer born in 2020 in milk with a calf at foot, or certified in calf and due to calve before 3 years of age.

Killiworgie Hemeras Libby

Again, a choice between two entries. Jim and Jean Buckland’s February born Sperrin View Director’s daughter Wellatree Limoncello with a Carbery Jaguar sired heifer calf at foot and the much younger November born Killiworgie Hemeras Libby by Lynfield Hamish.

Two lovely females again in this class Libby having the edge this time over Limoncello. Both lovely heifers who will go on to do well in their respective herds.

Heifer born on or after January 2021 and 31 December 2021

Kurlycoat Moneypenny

My strongest class of the day with seven entries forward was headed by Jake

Gregory’s January born Kurlycoat Moneypenny sired by the home-bred Kurlycoat Kingsman (Curaheen Tyson) out of the Stirling acquired Brandane Jessie-J.

Moneypenny took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. A well grown stylish feminine heifer with lots of presence an easy winner.

Standing in second and giving away nine months was the Olds’s Bosahan Minnie Miss Natalie a daughter of Kinclaven Infusion P ex the Hockenhull Natalie line. Again, stylish, and feminine with a great future but overpowered by the first heifer.

Another super heifer took third place Killiworgie Ivy’s Maria sired by Islavale Jerico over my fourth Wellatree Maddi a Carbery Jaguar daughter.

Heifer born on or after 1st January 2022 and 31 March 2022.

Angwelha Nessa

A strong class of heifers all different types. With six animals forward I selected Mr & Mrs S Buckland’s January born daughter of Carbery Jaguar, Angwelha Nessa, as my winner followed by the Hawkey’s Ballinalare Farm Galaxy sired Sowenna Miracle both similar heifers. The smart polled entry Bosahan Natasha Karina Star was third with Tregnether Nellie, a sweet Jackpot daughter, filling the fourth spot for Steph Hooper and David Reeves.

Heifer born on or after 1 April 2022

Killiworgie Izzie’s Nelly

Two quality entries forward with Vale Royal Heavenly Girlie 2 by Blackford Galaxy and bred by James Arnold representing Sowenna and Killiworgie Izzie’s Nelly. Although six months younger Nelly was the stand-out winner for Steve and Gill Gummow. By Shacon Hannibal she is a beautiful heifer who oozes quality style and femininity. I am sure we will see her again in the future. Girlie again a super heifer with a promising future.

Female Champion and Reserve  

Female & Overall Champion Kurlycoat Moneypenny

From an impressive line-up of class winners my champion the January 2021 heifer Kurlycoat Moneypenny was an easy choice for me. Her class and style shone on the day. Killiworgie Izzie’s Nelly, an October 2022 born calf at foot, with her feminine qualities and potential merited the reserve spot.

Overall Breed Champion and Reserve

Kurlycoat Moneypenny breed champion with young bull Sowenna Nemo in reserve.

The exceptional Kurlycoat Moneypenny was my overall breed champion with the smart young bull Sowenna Nemo in reserve.



1st Steve and Gill Gummow Killiworgie Malteser & Killiworgie Hemeras Libby     

2nd K, C & P Hawkey Sowenna Nemo and Sowenna Miracle

3rd Megan Wellington Pennytinney Magic Star and Pennytinney Marmalade

Two of my class winners bred by Steve and Gill Gummow came out on top in the pairs class and were my strongest selection to represent the British Simmental breed for the Burke Trophy.

Finally, I would like to thank the Royal Cornwall Show for inviting me to judge and the Cornwall Simmental Club for their kind hospitality. All in all, a very enjoyable day.

Other Results:

Junior Champion Sowenna Nemo

Reserve Junior Champion Killiworgie Izzie’s Nelly

The Killiworgie herd also won the most points shield in the section. .

Friday brought another hot but more settled day and the interbreed awards.

Sowenna Nemo and Bosahan Natasha Karina Star P Junior Pairs 4th.

Junior Pairs

The Simmental team of five selected by Vikki Wood were Killiworgie Malteser,

Killiworgie Hemeras Libby, Bosahan Minnie Miss Natalie, Sowenna Miracle and Killiworgie Izzie’s Nellie Well done to all the participants displaying a great representation of the breed.

Team of 5

On the final day four young handlers paired up with Simmental entries.

Congratulations to Matthew Grose, Rosie Bennetts, Will Gynn and Theo Bilkey 

Theo Bilkey
Matthew Grose
Rosie Bennetts
Will Gynn