by | May 14, 2024

Heifer with Bull Calf (101) sell to £4300 for a Simmental Cross with Limousin Cross calf from Towiemore, Keith.
77 Towiemore heifers average £3551, up by +£26 on the year

Typical entries to the sale from Towiemore

Cow with Bull Calf sell to £3000 for a Simmental with a Simmental Calf from Wellhouse Farm, Beauly.
At Thainstone yesterday, Wednesday 8th May, ANM Group Ltd sold 222 head of adult breeding cattle. Simmental females again dominated the catalogue and an increasing demand from new and existing customers, across Scotland, north and south, ensured a big trade and increased averages. A big number of Simmental females sold in excess of £4000 and over the £3500 mark.
A big shout out goes to all of the Simmental vendors, and including again the Smith family at Towiemore Livestock Towiemore Farm, Keith, Banffshire who sold 77 heifers with calves at foot, nearly all Simmental, to average an incredible £3551, up by +£26 on a strong trade last year! Across the sale “a great show of well-bred strong heifers with calves” averaged £3497 up £52 on the year.

Typical entries to the sale from Towiemore

Leading Simmental Prices
Heifer with Bull Calf: SimX – Towiemore £4150, £4000, £3950, £3700 Pitgersie £4100, £3700, Wester Bleaton £4050, £4000, £3950 (X2), £3900, £3850; Sim – Towiemore £4150, £4050 (X2), £4000 (X2), £3950, Wester Bleaton £3850, £3700, £3400, Well House Simmentals £3850, £3500, £3400 (X2), Pitgersie £3750;
Heifer with Heifer Calf: SimX – Pitgersie £4200, Towiemore £4050 (X3), £3950, £3800, £3750,Wester Bleaton £3950 (X2), £3900, £3750 (X2), £3700 (X2), Pitgersie £3400 (X2), £3350 (X3), The Bungalow £3200; Sim – Towiemore £4050, £3850, £3700, £3600, Wellhouse £4050, £4000, £3750, £3700 Wester Bleaton £3850, £3550, £3400 (X2)
Cow with Heifer Calf: Sim – Well House Simmentals £2450, £2400.
This latest sale followed on from the previous week at Thainstone where, in a further sale of adult breeding cattle, Simmental heifers with calves at foot sold to £3,950, with others at £3,850, three at £3,750, and many at £3500 and over.
Commercial producers continue to recognise the tremendous job Simmental females make of their calves. Making long lasting cows, they are full of milk, cross with any breed, produce easy fleshing quality calves that go on to weigh well, and are suited to all geographies and farms around the UK.