Stars of the Future Pedigree Calf Show

by | Nov 17, 2012

p 155 Islavale Cassius

By Richard Pettit, Scottish Club Secretary.

Judge  Mrs Vikki Wood, Popes Herd.

A large entry of Simmental calves from all over Scotland were forward for our Judge, Mrs Vikki Woods of the well-known Popes herd to place.

Overall Senior Champion was from the Stronachs with Islavale Cassius 11 by Woodhall Walker.

p 155 Islavale Cassius

Senior female Champion was Corskie Cegem by Popes Laird.

Corskie Cegem

Overall Junior Champion was Kennox Taras Diva, by Popes Laird, from David Craig, with Overhill House Data by Overhill House Volvo Junior Male Champion.

Kennox Taras Diva

Overhill House Data 12

 Lauren Stronach continued the Stronachs successful day, by winning their classes in the Junior interbreed Young handlers competition.

Class  25  Bulls born 11th August, 2011 to 24th September, 2011

1st           Louise Moffat, Braidwood Copper 11

2nd          D. & R. Durno, Auchorachan Chubbs

3rd           R. McCulloch, Overhill House Controversial

Class 26  Bulls born 3rd October, 2011 to 18th October, 2011

1st           G. & M. Smith, Drumsleed Canyon

2nd          W. J. & J. Green, Corskie Crackerjack

3rd           A. & K. Gamble, Farnell Crailing 11

Class 27  Bulls born  28th November, 2011 to 23rd December, 2011

1st           W. S. Stronach,  Islavale Cassius 11

2nd          J. & P. Goldie, Newbie Mains Chicago 11

3rd           Heather Duff, Pitmudie Cassino Royale 12

4th          A. & K. Gamble, Farnell Claghy 11

Class 28 Heifers born 3rd  August, 2011 to 21st  September, 2011

1st           J. & P. Goldie, Newbie Mains Cee Me

2nd          Mr & Mrs L. Moffat, Innerwick Christina

3rd           J. & P. Goldie, Newbie Mains Charmer

Class 29  Heifers born 28th September, 2011 to 12th December, 2011

1st           W. J. & J. Green, Corskie Cegem

2nd          W. S. Stronach, Islavale Candy

3rd           J. & P. Goldie, Newbie Mains Calamity Jane

4th           W. S. Stronach, Islavale Mistress

Class 30  Bulls born 5th January, 2012 to 25th Febraury, 2012

1st           J. C. McLaren & Partners, Dargill Duke 12

2nd          T. A. & E. Henderson, Dresswood Drew 12 TM

3rd           A. & K. Gamble, Farnell Domino 12

Class 31  Bulls born 3rd  March, 2012 to 7th May, 2012

1st           R. McCulloch, Overhill House Data 12

2nd    David Lowry, Keeldrum Darius 12

3rd           Heather Duff, Cairnview Darby 12

Class 32    Heifers born 2nd  January, 2012 to  3rd March, 2012

1st           David Craig, Kennox Taras Diva

2nd          Douglas W. Smith, Boswell Diamond

3rd           W. J. & J. Green, Corskie Doris

4th           D. & R. Durno & Sons, Auchorachan Diamond

Class 33     Heifers born 13th March, 2012 to  28th April, 2012

1st           R. McCulloch, Overhill House  Daisy

2nd          R. McCulloch, Overhill House Dior Dem

3rd           David Lowry, Keeldrum Herta D1